Spatial View Announces 3DeeCentral Is Live

Consumers can now enjoy stereo 3D across a wide range of 3D devices. Spatial View announced at CES today that 3DeeCentral, the online source of stereo 3D content, is live. 3DeeCentral consists of a growing library of paid and free 3D content for 3D PC, mobile and internet connected devices. Content includes videos and images in the genres such as adventure, animation, music videos, nature, travel, sports and science fiction.

The 3DeeCentral app is available for Windows 7, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd generation devices at An Android app is coming soon. From the 3DeeCentral app, users can preview, buy and download 3D content for viewing on their 3D device.

§DeeCentral iPhone App
Screenshot of the 3eeCentral iPhone-App

Free Spatial View 3DeeSlide – Limited Time Only

iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd generation users will receive a free 3DeeSlide when they download the 3DeeCentral iOS app and register for a user account. It is the only content distribution system that provides 3D content for the iPhone and iPod touch, when used with Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide, a lenticular accessory used to view 3D
content – glasses free. The iPhone 3G, 2nd generation iPod touch and all older devices are not supported. Support for the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 will be announced at a
later date.

“3DeeCentral is a source of online stereo 3D content for a broad range of 3D devices,” said Al Lopez, COO of Spatial View. “We support 3D devices including active shutter glasses, polarized glasses, anaglyph and auto-stereoscopic technologies. We want to offer the most comprehensive coverage of platforms as possible.”

The company has obtained licensed content from over 20 independent 3D filmmakers bringing the total to over 100 titles. “3DeeCentral provides the widest variety of high quality 3D movies and images from independent publishers for distribution,” added Lopez. “3DeeCentral is arriving at a time when audiences are really getting turned onto 3D,” stated Jason Goodman, Founder & CEO of 21stCentury3D. “Just as media goes with us everywhere on smart phones, VOD and tablets, 3D media can now do the same. 21st Century 3D is excited to be a part of this innovative launch.”

Spatial View is well positioned to become the recognized leader for stereo 3D content on the Internet and the ‘go-to destination’ for consumers looking for compelling 3D content.

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