Ixonos Announces Support for Intel’s Handheld Device Platforms

Ixonos, a leader in the development and integration of solutions for handheld devices, announced that it is implementing a touch screen mobile user interface solution for the Intel® Atom™ processor Z6xx based smartphones.

Ixonos builds complete and innovative products and services, reducing the time-to-market of its customers, such as mobile device manufacturers and mobile operators. Ixonos is a visionary partner to its customers and brings a full set of services from new product innovation to software development, mechanical engineering and electronics design. The company is also working on several novel industrial design plans and approaches to support bringing new devices to the market.

At the Intel Developer Forum 2010 in San Francisco, Ixonos is showcasing some of its recent work with new handheld industrial designs, mobile user interfaces, and device customization tools. At the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Ixonos demonstrated a touch screen mobile user interface concept using an Aava Mobile reference device based on the Intel Atom Processor Z6xx series. In addition to the user interface demonstration, Ixonos showcased a proof-of-concept of a device configurator tool that enables expedited design and implementation of customized mobile devices. Ixonos is developing solutions for MeeGo, Android and Symbian operating systems running on a multitude of devices.

“We are delighted to announce our support for Intel based handheld platforms, the capabilities of which have made our development easier and faster. Ixonos holds a unique skill set in delivering unparalleled solutions, user experiences, and innovative devices, and is now pleased to bring these strengths to Intel Atom based platforms,” highlights Ixonos’ Panu Kause, Vice President, Global Solutions.

“The Intel Atom processor has had tremendous success in the marketplace since its launch over 2 years ago,” said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystem programs for Intel Corporation’s Ultra Mobility Group. “Ixonos has a rich heritage in developing leadership experiences in the smartphone segment. As we extend our roadmap to the smartphone market segment, we welcome Ixonos into the Intel ecosystem and look forward to working with them to meet the needs of our customers.”

“Ixonos is unique in the market because it not only designs at the device level but also specializes in building advanced user experience (UE) and user interface (UI) solutions as well as highly dynamic and futuristic applications. Through its deep understanding of devices, Ixonos makes these applications and solutions interface with virtually any device, be it a smartphone, pad or tablet,” Ixonos’ Panu Kause continues.

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