AMD Telecom gets regulator approval to operate in Poland

Certified by GSMA sms/mms hub provider, AMD Telecom has been approved by Poland’s telecommunications authority UKE to provide network activities and telecommunication services in Poland.

Following UKE’s approval, AMD Telecom plans to establish a new point of presence in Poland in autumn this year, increasing in this way the total number of existing points worldwide and establishing a whole new level in quality for international sms messaging between mobile operators worldwide.

AMD Telecom, certified mobile messaging services specialist, provides high quality sms/mms messaging services to mobile operators (MNOs/MVNOs) and sms aggregators worldwide, covering more than 850 networks in more than 200 countries globally and offering 100% Mobile Network Portability support, Message delivery at 15.000sms/sec and sms Tracking & Reporting extranet for important advanced statistics analysis.

Mr. Dimitris Rokos, AMD Telecom’s Interconnection Manager, says: “AMD Telecom has very ambitious plans to become the network partner of choice for new and existing MNOs and MVNOs. This latest news shows that we are well on our way to achieving this and proves that our ambition to be the leading provider in international sms/mms messaging services is not just an ambition”.

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