Sybase 365 Enhances Mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM) Services to Enterprises Worldwide

Sybase365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. , the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, today announced the availability of an expanded portfolio of mCRM tools and services, enabling enterprises to engage customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle, using the mobile channel.

In a recent global study commissioned by Sybase 365, when asked to identify the services they would most value, 40 percent of respondents said receiving offers and coupons delivered by mobile.  This was the second most desired choice, after emergency alerts (55 percent) with buying cinema/theatre tickets via the mobile in third place (39 percent).

Expanding its robust mobile marketing and mobile messaging services, Sybase 365 enables Enterprises to drive mobile coupons, mobile loyalty programs, enable mobile payments, and undertake customer research via the mobile device,  across a single platform, increasing insight into consumer preferences and improving customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

The mobile payments component of the solution supports a wide variety of mobile and POS payment systems, providing brands and retailers with easy and convenient payment, redemption and transactions options, to maximize their marketing campaigns.

“Delivering a more sophisticated portfolio of Enterprise Services will help brands and retailers engage with consumers throughout the customer lifecycle, from creating awareness to acquisition/purchase, post customer support, evaluating customer purchase behaviours and driving repeat business through a complete end-to-end solution,” said Marty Beard, President of Sybase.  “Enterprises are better able to make the best use of their marketing budgets while continually enhancing the customer experience, and driving sales and customer loyalty.”

In addition to Sybase 365’s mobile marketing, mobile advertising, and mobile messaging capabilities, Sybase 365 has integrated specific capabilities to complement cross-campaign marketing initiatives and customer relationship programs, including:

  • Mobile Coupon/Voucher Module: Enterprises are able to reach any customer on any mobile operator network through SMS-based mobile coupons. The solution requires no additional hardware and integrates with all payment systems.
  • Mobile Loyalty Module: Enterprises can now leverage a more advance tracking capability which analyzes and reports the usage and redemption of mobile coupons and marketing programs. Customers can easily manage point allocation, tapping into loyalty points systems from existing programs for easy integration across all marketing channels.
  • Mobile Research Module: Customers will be able to execute surveys and other interactive customer campaigns to build valuable customer profiles, which can be used to determine lifestyle preference and drive targeted product recommendations.
  • Mobile Payments Module: Customers can immediately act on offers they receive by purchasing goods/services, redeeming offers, or processing loyalty offers – all at the point of sale as well as on their mobile device.

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