Accuris Networks Provides AccuRoam Data Offload Solution to Operators through Acision’s Innovation Network

Accuris Networks, a leading provider of Inter-Standard and converged solutions, has announced a partnership with Acision to provide its AccuROAM Data Offload solution as part of Acision’s Innovation Network.

“Operators with mobile broadband offerings are striving to maximise efficiency in their networks to prevent the cost of delivering these services from rising above the associated revenues,” said Gilbert Little, Chairman, Accuris Networks. “With AccuROAM Data Offload solution customers are able to enhance network efficiency while keeping control of their subscribers when they are on Wi-Fi Networks.”

“Ensuring the profitability of mobile broadband services is a challenge, and we anticipate traffic will continue to increase. However, we believe that profitability can be maintained with minimal impact on investment while reducing the cost of delivery,” said David Frail, Global Market Development Director, Acision. “As part of Acision’s Mobile Data Control portfolio, AccuROAM will support Acision’s commitment to providing a complete set of mobile data solutions to our global customer base.”

Accuris Networks supports a standards-based approach to automating Wi-Fi offload which will help to increase adoption beyond today’s proprietary solutions. Most importantly it ensures that the mobile operator keeps control of their subscribers when they are on Wi-Fi networks. AccuROAM enables data offload to Wi-Fi and WiMAX using secure SIM-based authentication with existing mobile networks and includes full billing, settlement and reconciliation between the IP-based network and the mobile billing environment.

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