Sony Ericsson starts new cooperative Platform “Creations”

Sony Ericsson today announces its vision for the future of mobile entertainment – ‘Co-creation’ – using the launch of new online platform Creations™.

What is Co-creation?

Co-creation focuses on facilitating the evolving needs of consumers, content publishers and developers, creating a community and a movement where they come together to personalise, share and continuously evolve and co-create mobile content.

Delivering on the vision that everyone can create

Creations™ delivers upon Sony Ericsson’s Co-creation strategy by enabling mobile phone users to create and publish their own content such as video, audio and imaging to be shared, explored and remixed using content-creating mobile applications and tools. Content will no longer be static as Creations™ allows content creators to produce content on the move from their mobile phone.

It is an open platform accessible using a range of mobile handsets, as well as on the desktop.  Sony Ericsson is engaging with application developers to deliver content tools and applications.

Developers are also invited to join the Creations™ network and play a vital role in enabling co-creation and co-innovation on the mobile web, as the service prepares to support applications in the coming months.

Delegates are invited to experience co-creation in action with Sony Ericsson on Creation Day (Wednesday 17th February 2010) within App Planet (in Hall 7). See the power of co-creation as artist and music producer Tom Middleton facilitates a live demonstration of Creations™ using content contributed by delegates.

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