Hello mobile world!

Economy is changing. More and more the mobile economy is changing our lives. Things are different from some years ago. This site will serve you with important news about the mobile economy. I still remember times, when I had to install my carphone in the trunk. If I wanted to use it mobile I had to build together the handheld with the base-station. Joining a new company meant fighting for a new phone. “Thats a board-decision”, said the Assistant to our CEO, when I asked to get a mobile-phone. I got one, but it was a big privilege. 15 years later the mobile phone has conquered the world and is on its way to be the most used internet-access-device.

Apple has changed the mobile market forever, their iPhone made the way for mobile apllcations and its success is beyond the most optimistic expectations. Three billion app-downloads within 18 months – and it has just begun. Mobile-Economy.com will serve you with the most interesting news, press-releases, interviews, statistics and insights on one page. You can keep on track with being informed via RSS – and our app will start shortly.

You are invited to submit your information and your news – lets make Mobile-Economy the place, where people start to inform themselves on mobile economy.

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